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Web Site Optimization Web Site Optimization

A strong promotional plan and dedicated execution are keys for making sure your company's web site gets the attention it deserves from your target audience. The total number of Internet sites grew from just over 3 million in 1998 to over 900 million in 2005— and the number continues to grow at a rate of 5% to 10% per month! With so many sites vying for interest, the old cliché "build it and they will come" simply doesn't hold true on today's Internet. Attracting prospective customers to your site now requires much more.

TDG Interactive excels in the site marketing and promotion services that will help ensure that your site will be noticed by the right people. The internet site promotion devices costs less and yields higher returns than any other. With a concerted and consistent effort, the search engines can provide many new, qualified visitor sessions each month.

We will start by creating a list of keyword phrases that are known or likely to be used by the targeted individuals. Then, we will optimize the site to rank well with the various search engines, taking care to ensure that the descriptive phrase that is provided in the search results is interesting and compelling enough to get people to click on the link. Finally, we will methodically register the site with all major search engines and directories. This is a process that will continue on a quarterly basis. This also includes a quarterly report detailing how search terms and ranking appears on each of the specified search engines.

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